Upgrading To Performance Brakes On Your Car Or Truck

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Brake performance is vital for any car or truck on the road. However, if you have a performance car, you may need to consider upgrading to performance brakes to stop the vehicle better and ensure that you maintain control under emergency braking and evasive maneuvers. 

Brakes And Heat

One of the most critical issues in any braking system is the heat that builds up as you apply the brakes. The system uses friction created by the brake pads as they squeeze the rotors to drag the car down from driving speed to a complete stop. 

Over time, the heat in the system can cause the pads to wear quickly and the brake rotors to warp under strain. One option is to upgrade your brake rotors to larger ones that can handle the heat more efficiently. 

Many times the rotors have holes added to them to allow rapid cooling using the air around them. When combined with the proper brake pads, heat reduction, and brake management can have a large impact on the longevity and performance of the braking system.

Pads And Performance

Brake pads are critical in any braking system, but if you are upgrading to a performance system, you need pads that can endure the heat and wear that you are placing on them. Ceramic brake pads are an excellent option and are made from materials that allow them to withstand a lot more heat than a standard brake pad and will wear much slower, and will allow extended service life. 

While some specialty brake pads will outperform ceramics, they are expensive, and often they wear very quickly. Many of these brake pads are made for racing or track use and may not be DOT (Department of Transportation) approved for road use.

Brake Upgrade Kits

If you are looking for performance brakes, several large manufacturers offer complete kits to replace brake pads, rotors, and calipers on your vehicle together. The advantages to making upgrades this way are that the systems are designed specifically for your car, engineered to work together, and in most cases, use parts that you can replace easily when necessary. 

Performance shops, parts stores, and the manufacturers that make these kits can help you choose the best one for your vehicle and driving style. In most cases, you can install the new brakes yourself or take the car to a shop and have a mechanic do the work if you are uncomfortable working on the brakes in your car or truck.

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25 May 2023