Breaking Down Along The Highway And Getting The Help You Need

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When your car or truck leaves you broken down on the side of the road, you need to know that there is someone that can help. Sometimes you need to be towed to a dealership or service center and other times you just need a little help to get going again. A 24-hour towing service can help with many things to get your up and running and if the vehicle is not running at all, they can help you get it where it needs to be for repairs. 

More Than Just Towing

In many cases, a breakdown on the road can leave you stranded and if it is late at night or early in the morning, it might be difficult to know who to call. Most 24 hour towing services can provide the help you need even if it is just some gas to get you to the next town. Whether it is roadside assistance or damage requiring a two into town, these services are on call and can be at your location pretty quickly in most cases. If you do call for help, be sure to let the operator you speak with know what the problem appears to be so they can send you the right help. If you are out of gas and the driver dispatches a tow truck without extra gas, it could mean sitting and waiting for them to go get it and come back. Communicating your needs to the operator on the phone is important so that you get the right services to your location.

Subscription or Member Services

Not too long ago, if you wanted roadside assistance as a subscription or member service, there were one or two major companies offering it. That has changed and many insurance companies, finance companies, and even some of the manufacturers offer roadside assistance and towing that you can subscribe to. For a few dollars a month, these companies will come out and help you or tow your car a few miles for no cost other than the membership fee. For people that are on the road a lot, it is a good feeling to know that you can get help even if you don't have the money in your pocket to pay for a tow truck in an unexpected situation.

Where To Have Your Car Towed

If you do have to be towed to a repair center, ask the tow truck operator if there is a dealership for the manufacturer of your car nearby. While it is often a little more expensive to have work done there if you are in an area that you do not know, picking a quality repair shop can be a challenge because you don't have experience with any of them. In this circumstance, the dealer is your best option.


18 April 2018