Care & Driving Tips To Help You Avoid Transmission Repair Bills


Americans are busy with work, school, errands and family activities. Since most of these activities require transportation, many hours are spent driving in all types of road and weather conditions. While convenient for us, this type of daily driving can take a real toll on our cars. This is particularly true for the transmission, which actually makes the car move when the force of power from the engine is applied to the drive train through the use of gears and clutches.

29 December 2014

Replacing Your RV's Flooring


Your RV's flooring is designed to survive years of wear and tear. But like all things, the material holding your flooring together can break down with age or through water damage. To avoid that sinking feeling the next time you set foot inside your RV, you'll want to replace that damaged wood right away. The following offers a few important tips for removing and replacing your RV's flooring. Assessing the Damage

17 November 2014